How Many Treats Per Day For A Puppy? (A Must To Read Post For Dog Owners)


Treating your dogs to their favorite foods is the best way to keep them motivated to train and learn things. However, how many treats per day for a puppy are enough? Dog owners around the world are looking for answers to this question.

There’s no set number of times a day to treat your dog. It’s important to make sure that the food you give to your dog as a treat doesn’t contain more than 10% of the calories your dog needs daily.

This topic is more complex than that quick answer, so make sure you stay around until the very end.

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Dogs Love Treats:

Just like humans, dogs also like treats a lot. When they get their favourite foods as treats, they are happy and feel motivated to obey your orders and do whatever you want them to do.

Treats help reinforce positive behavior such as sitting, staying, or coming when called when you give them treats.

Rewarding dogs strengthen training and make them repeat those behaviours, as well as establishing a bond.

By rewarding them, you build a positive relationship between you and your pet, improving communication and understanding.

How Many Treats Per Day For A Puppy?

Now you guys must be thinking, how many treats per day for a puppy are enough? There is not a specific number of treats per day for a puppy. It’s important to keep one thing in mind that veterinarians recommend.

Only 10% of the overall calories your dog needs every day should come from treats. That’s it. You can’t feed your dog more than that as treats.

Let’s say your dog has to take 1000 calories per day,10% of it will be 100, which means you can only give your dog 100 calories as a treat in any food you want. Rest of the calories should come from other carefully balanced foods your puppy eats.

The heavier the dog, the more calories it’ll need to survive throughout the day. So, the percentage of calories will also go up and down according to the dog’s weight.

What’s too many treats for your puppy?

Your dog shouldn’t get more than 10% of its calories from treats, as I mentioned above. So, if you’re giving your dog treats with more calories than 10%, that’s too much and can be harmful to your dog

Disadvantages of Treating Your Dog Too Much

I know that you love your puppy a lot, but please don’t let him give you too many treats to him. You can do more harm than good with that. The drawbacks of giving your dog too many treats should help you understand what I mean.

  • Obesity: In puppies, too many treats can lead to weight gain and obesity, which can cause problems with their joints, make them more likely to get diabetes, and make them live shorter lives.
  • Malnutrition: Too many treats could mean your puppy isn’t getting a balanced diet. Treats are often high in calories and low in essential nutrients, so relying on them excessively can lead to deficiencies.
  • Behavioral issues: When you give your puppy treats often, he or she becomes reliant on them, expecting a reward for every behavior. This can lead to behavioural problems like begging, excessive barking, and aggression.
  • Dental problems: Treats that stick to your puppy’s teeth can cause plaque buildup, tartar, and gum disease. Dental problems can hurt your puppy and cost you a lot of money.
  • Disruption of mealtime routine: It’s not healthy for your puppy to overindulge in treats. If they don’t eat their balanced and complete meals, they may become nutritionally deficient.
  • Digestive upset: It’s not a good idea to introduce too many treats at once or give treats that won’t be suitable for your puppy’s digestive system. Their digestive system can be adversely affected by sudden changes in diet.
  • Reduced motivation for other rewards: As your puppy gets used to receiving treats, other rewards like praise, petting, or playtime may become less effective, making training more difficult for everyone.

So, because of these drawbacks, say NO to too many treats for your dogs.

Best Treats for Puppies:

Now comes the most important question: what are the best treats for your puppy? Here are some healthy and tasty puppy treats.

Small, Soft Training Treats:

These treats are great for training purposes. Make sure your treats are small, soft, and easy to chew. They are ideal for teaching commands and reinforcing positive behavior. Since they are small, you can give your puppy a few pieces during each training session.

You can provide them with small, soft training treats made from chicken, beef, or turkey to maintain a balanced diet.

Natural Chews:

Natural chews, such as bully sticks or dried sweet potato slices, can provide mental stimulation and help with teething.

As they’re high in calories, natural chews should be given in moderation. They’re a better alternative to processed rawhide.

Offer them as occasional treats, and always monitor your puppy while they chew to prevent choking hazards. Natural chews include bully sticks, dried sweet potato slices, or beef tendons.

Frozen Treats:

Frozen treats can be a refreshing and soothing option on hot days or when your puppy is teething. You can make your own by freezing plain yogurt, mashed bananas, or diluted low-sodium chicken broth in ice cube trays or puzzle toys.

Depending on the weather and your puppy’s needs, you can give him these treats a few times a week.

Fruits And Vegetables:

Puppies can eat a lot of healthy treats. Some of them are apples, bananas, carrots, and blueberries. They have vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

Don’t introduce new fruits and veggies too quickly so they don’t upset your puppy’s digestive system. Make sure your puppy tolerates them well by giving them small amounts.

The healthy foods you can feed your puppy include apples, bananas, carrot sticks, and blueberries. You can also give your puppy cucumber slices or steamed green beans as treats.

Commercial Puppy Treats:

There are lots of commercial treats that are specifically formulated for puppies. Read the labels and pick age-appropriate treats that suit your puppy’s size and breed.

Follow the serving size on the package to ensure you’re not overfeeding your puppy. Also, You want them to be high-quality.

Treats To Avoid For Your Puppy:

After learning about the best treats that you can give to your puppy, there are some treats that you should never give to your puppy.

  • Garlic: Toxic to dogs and should be avoided.
  • Corn on the cob: The cob can cause blockages in a dog’s digestive system.
  • Tomato (unripe) and tomato plants: Green parts and plants contain toxins that are harmful to dogs.
  • Grapefruit: Highly acidic and can upset a dog’s stomach.
  • Onion: Toxic to dogs and should never be given to them.
  • Grapes/raisins: Highly toxic and can cause severe kidney damage.
  • Lime: Very acidic and can cause gastrointestinal upset in dogs.
  • Cherries: Pits/stones contain cyanide, which is toxic to dogs.
  • Potatoes (raw) and potato plants: Raw potatoes and plants/leaves can be toxic.
  • Avocado: Can cause an upset stomach in dogs.
  • Rhubarb: Toxic to dogs and should be kept away from them.
  • Lemon: Very acidic and can cause stomach upset in dogs.
  • Leeks: Toxic to dogs and should be avoided.
  • Plums: Stones/pits can be toxic or cause blockages in a dog’s digestive system.
  • Mushrooms: Certain types are toxic to dogs and should be avoided.

These are the types of things that you should never ever give to your puppy as treats. Now, let me answer a few of your frequently asked questions about the topic


What’s the Difference Between Dog Treats and Dog Food?

Dog treats are typically smaller in size, designed for occasional rewards and training purposes, while dog food is a complete and balanced diet meant to be the primary source of nutrition for dogs.

How many treats per day for a dog?

The number of treats to give a puppy varies depending on their age, size, and overall calorie intake, but it’s generally recommended to limit treats to no more than 10% of their daily caloric intake.

Can I give my dog 2 treats a day?

You can give your dog two treats a day, but make sure they don’t count for more than 10% of his daily calories.

Can I give my puppy too many treats?

You don’t want to overfeed a puppy with treats because it can lead to excess weight gain, nutritional imbalances, and behavioral issues.

Can I give my puppy treats everyday?

Yes, you can give your dog treats every day, but make sure the treat doesn’t contain more than 10% of the overall calorie needs of your dog.

Final Words:

How many treats per day for a dog? There is no specific number of times you should treat your puppy per day. However, the treats should make up only 10% of calories your dog needs every day.

That’s it. For more questions related to the topic, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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